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Are you interested in SAFELY purchasing your pet's medications, heartworm prevention, flea preventatives and other products online? Click the link to have products shipped directly to your home!

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Has your cat been diagnosed with diabetes? The makers of Prozinc insulin have a web site devoted to helping owners understand and manage feline diabetes. To learn about feline diabetes, how to handle insulin injections and read success stories, simply click the link. Prozinc is available at AMC.

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Click here to visit the Marivista Pet Web Library - a credible source for veterinary disease information. Learn about various disease processes and treatments.

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Laser therapy helps reduce pain and inflammation. It is used post-surgically and for various types of wound management, and is quick and painless for your pet.

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There are many varieties of Heartworm Prevention, Flea & Tick products, shampoos and veterinary products, and our clinic is only able to carry a limited amount. But you can access a wide variety of these products by visiting our online pharmacy through VetSource - a SAFE way to purchase your pet products and preventatives. Products you purchase are first approved electronically by your veterinarian and then delivered right to your home!

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Unlike many other popular websites that claim you can purchase the same products for less, products are stored and handled properly, are veterinarian approved, and all manufacturer warranties apply. VetSource works exclusively with veterinarians to provide pet owners with a SAFE and inexpensive way to purchase products and medications online. Click here to check out an article about this on the FDA's website.

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