Saying Goodbye

When that difficult time comes and you must say goodbye to your friend, we will be there for you. We offer humane euthanasia in a quiet, private and comfortable setting where you can spend time with your pet. This room has its own separate exit from the clinic so that your visit is kept private. We understand how painful it is to lose a pet and we try to make the process as comforting as we can.saying goodbye.jpg

Grieving room

Losing a pet can be a difficult and painful experience. Often people are left with feelings of doubt and/or guilt. Dealing with these feelings in adults or children can be confusing. Many of us have experienced this type of loss and there are now resources available to help families through this tough time. Click the icon below for more information about dealing with the loss of your pet.

Pet Loss Resources

Cremation Services

We offer a variety of different options for the care of the remains of your beloved pet. We have our own private crematory here on site to ensure that the ashes you receive back belong to you. You will also have the option to take the pet home for burial or let us take care of the body for you.

Please call us with any questions regarding these services.

Our staff will be glad to assist you.

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