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Fleas and Ticks

At AMC these past few weeks have been filled with fleas. We see them on a daily basis here at the clinic, and offer our clients a variety of different flea and tick prevention for both our canine and feline patients. Our products can be found on our website under the "Services" tab. One of our most popular product is a three month flea and tick treatment called Bravecto, that comes as a chewable for dogs, and a topical for cats.

How long does it take to get rid of fleas?

The flea life cycle from eggs to adult takes 3 months to complete. Animals will have to be treated for at least 3 months to break the life cycle. Fleas can also live in your home which will need to be treated along with your pet. At AMC, we offer a house spray that is very effective with the flea infestations we have seen.

What about over the counter flea products?

Many of the patients we see that have fleas have received an over the counter flea product or use a flea collar. Though these products may have worked in the past, most fleas have become resistant to the drugs used in the products. If you do choose to purchase flea prevention from a store, make sure to check with your veterinarian to determine the safety of these products. Please remember that canine flea products should never be applied to cats, as this can cause severe adverse reactions. 

My pet doesn't go outside, do I need flea prevention?

The answer is YES! We commonly see flea infestations of indoor animals. Other pets can carry fleas inside and so can people. Like any insect, a flea can find it's way inside your house. 

Ticks,Ticks, Ticks, are everywhere! 

Peak tick season is in Spring and Fall, however here in Indiana we are seeing more and more year round. There are many different diseases that your pet can get from a tick. The most common disease that we see here is Lyme's disease. Lyme's disease is passed between hosts by biting ticks, typically the black-legged tick or the Deer tick. To read more about Lyme's disease click the link below. http://www.certapet.com/lyme-disease-in-dogs/

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about flea prevention. If you have any further questions about prevention or treatment of fleas, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

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