About our office


Our clinic is located in downtown Hebron on Rt. 2, next to Pav's Restaurant near the Dairy Queen.

When you visit us you will find a friendly and helpful staff who will assist you in getting the best care for your pet. For you and your pet's safety we kindly request that your cat be brought in a carrier. If you are in need of a temporary carrier, we have them available for purchase.


Our lobby offers different sections to separate animals that may be scared of or aggressive towards other animals or people. Each side has seating and information for pet owners to read about their animal.


Exam rooms

We have 4 exam rooms each one equipped with a hydraulic lift table and built-in scale. No lifting of any size pet is needed! Dogs can simply walk onto the table and are gently raised to the doctor's level for their exam.

exam room.jpg

Surgery Suite

Our doctors offer years of experience in small animal elective and emergency surgeries. We have 4 anesthetic machines and 4 patient monitoring systems which monitor heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and carbon dioxide output for our patients' safety. Animals under anesthesia are always monitored by a technician for their safety. We also keep our surgical patients on safe, water-circulating heating pads to help maintain normal body temperature. If your pet is in need of a surgical procedure, please call to make an appointment or ask any questions you may have.

* Surgeries require an appointment in advance.

surg suite.jpg

Treatment area

Our treatment area is equipped with piped-in oxygen, 2 hydraulic lift wet-tables, stainless steel cages for direct monitoring of patients and 4 IV pumps to assist in accurate administration of fluid therapy. Hospitalized patients are watched closely, kept clean and walked outside several times daily in our safe, fenced-in grassy area.

treatment area.jpg

Oxygen Therapy Unit

Our oxygen cage unit provides a comfortable, warm place for critical patients to receive oxygen therapy or nebulization. The unit is climate controlled with both heating and cooling capabilities so patients are always at a comfortable temperature and are easily monitored in our treatment area.


We offer a variety of products including shampoos, nail trimmers, dietary supplements, furminators, ear cleansers, and pheromone therapy items to help with behavior problems. We have a wide selection of Hill's Science Diet prescription diets and Royal Canin prescription diets. We also offer special ordering of some items and select diets. Our new addition offers more space for our retail products to be displayed! 

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Office Hours


8:00 AM-6:00 PM


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